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Beajin is the ultimate place for health and beauty enthusiasts who strive to look and feel beautiful both inside and outside. We have a passion for healthy living and wellness and want to build an international community that will provide everyone joining it with an opportunity for personal development, growth, and financial freedom.

Beajin takes pride in manufacturing and delivering premium and affordable dietary supplement products for women of all ages around the world.

With Beajin, you’ll feel inspired and motivated to become the healthiest version of yourself and be well aware of the latest beauty and health trends.

Glow Series Collagen + Placenta


Limited stock available, buy now!

Manufactured in Japan and made from the highest quality fish collagen, our Glow Series helps you achieve a bright, fresh, and beautiful skin by regenerating the cells required for maintaining your overall well-being. In addition to collagen and placenta, our supplement contains Isomalto-Oligosaccharide, a plant-based prebiotic fiber that supports efficient detoxification.

Shipping is a flat rate of 1000 yen to anywhere in Japan. Buy two bottles or more and get free shipping. 

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